Evelyn Komuntale – OTA Founder  “I want to thank all the Harvesters for their commitment – I am  the most blessed woman in the world to have such a powerful team working with OTA.  This group  is one of the best blessings in the history of OTA.  I thank God for each of you daily!”


Kathi Winter has been with OTA since the very beginning.  Kathi is devoted to the work of OTA, and also works with several other organizations to deliver important HIV education both locally and internationally. Kathi currently serves on the board of Outreach to Africa, and also helps The Harvesters group with fundraisers and events.  Kathi has made countless trips to Uganda, and plans to go again this year.  Kathi believes her work with OTA is a part of God’s plan for her life.


Sheila Colette – While juggling the many demands of motherhood and family life, Sheila works on the administration of OTA business.  As the daughter of OTA founder Evelyn Komuntale, and someone who has lived in Africa,  Sheila brings a valuable and unique perspective.  Sheila works with the Harvesters group, and is also a member of the OTA board of directors.


Doris Sandrick is a dynamic woman, with a deep faith. With decades of experience working in outreach ministry in southern California, Doris brings her experience and leadership to the Harvesters group. Doris wants to visit Uganda one day soon, and hopes to bring her “radical granddaughter”, who is a nurse, along with her.  Outreach to Africa is blessed to have Doris lead The California Harvesters group.


Shelley Camarillo has made several mission trips to Africa.  Her commitment to OTA and her efforts as a volunteer both in the USA and in Uganda are invaluable. A gifted photographer, Shelley has captured the magnificent, unmatched beauty of Uganda in her many remarkable photographs.  Shelley is a warm and kind person, and an active and dedicated member of The OTA Harvesters group.


Lavonda Bryant is a bright light, mother of 6, and full of warmth and energy. Lavonda is an active member of the Harvesters group. Lavonda has always wanted to go to Africa.  She hopes to be able to visit Uganda soon, and have an opportunity to visit some of OTA’s projects.


Katina Despotopoulos is a ball of fire and energy.  Her enthusiasm and “lets do it” approach to everything she takes on is amazing.  Katina’s efforts to facilitate Outreach to Africa boutique and craft sale events, and the feast she created for Evelyn’s birthday, are great examples of what she is capable of. Katina brings life to everything she does. Her hearts desire is to travel to Uganda, put a smile on a child’s face, seek the sparkle in their eyes, hear the laughter in their cries, pray and play with them, hug them and sing them a lullaby.  Outreach to Africa is blessed to have Katina on The Harvesters team.


Gail Ann Lynch’s work to administrate OTA’s child sponsorship program is a huge blessing to OTA.   She has been tirelessly working to improve communication between sponsors and children, and re-organize our growing child sponsorship program. OTA appreciates her dedication and her “whatever it takes” motto to getting things done.  Always wearing a bright smile, Gail Ann is an important member of the Harvesters.


Lisa Luongo has a sweet, gentle spirit.  Her warmth and intrinsic beauty are part of what makes her such a special part of The OTA Harvesters.  We appreciate Lisa’s devotion and efforts in the area of African craft sales, in addition to the many other valuable contributions she has made to Outreach to Africa.


Suzanne Stanford has a background in television and the arts.  Suzanne is an enthusiastic and dynamic lady, who brings great energy and passion to everything she does.  We are so glad Suzanne is part of the OTA Harvesters team.


Cheryel Rivas  is a woman who values faith and family.  Cheryel is a team player, always eager to give and help.  She has a huge heart for those in need, and that is part of what makes Cheryel such an asset to the California Harvesters group.

Fred and Adriana Fourcher.

Adriana Fourcher and her family are longtime friends and supporters of Outreach to Africa and Evelyn Komuntale.  Adriana exudes warmth and enthusiasm, and is dedicated to making life better for the kids at Paul Devlin Academy. We are so glad Adriana is a member of the OTA Harvesters – California.


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