Feeding the children is expensive. To help ease the burden OTA has school farm where bananas, maize, groundnuts, beans, potatoes, cassava, and vegetables are grown. In addition to the crops, pigs and goats are raised. This sustainability project helps keep food on the table for our children.

  • Micro Enterprise

Helping women gain additional income improves the condition of the entire household.                Putting extra income in their hands is often the most efficient way to impact an entire family. Children have a better chance of getting an education and thereby escaping the poverty trap of their parents. Engaging individuals in micro-enterprise generates a multiplier effect benefiting multiple generations. Outreach to Africa has developed micro enterprise programs geared towards the talents and interests of individual women. With       small amounts of capital investment, we help these women develop small businesses that impact not only their own economic situations but their self-esteem as well.