September evokes memories of new shoes, a fresh haircut, and shopping trips to purchase long lists of school supplies. The sun sets on school break, and we begin gearing up for back to school. With the fall season there comes a return to routine. As summer memories fade, students once again focus on their school work, sporting activities, music lessons, and re-connecting with their friends.

The children who attend Paul Devlin Academy are looking forward to going back to school as well, but for different reasons. Of course, they look forward to seeing their friends and classmates. They will once again be able to play netball and soccer together. Going to school is considered a privilege in Uganda. Children once again press into to their studies, school activities and church choir practices. Music and dance are a source of great joy to these kids. However, the return to school also assures the children of a meal each day, the loving care of their teachers, the medicine they need, and, for many, a safe place to live, while they receive the gift of an education.


With September nearly upon us, we are re-launching Outreach to Africa’s Child Sponsorship Program. Unlike the marketing campaigns that flood our western media, sharing what is trending in back to school fashion, the coolest sneakers, and the latest, greatest treats for our kid’s lunchbox, the sponsorship program offers a priceless opportunity to connect with a child and change a life.

For $40 per month you can sponsor a student. A commitment of $65 per month covers the cost of school, housing, meals and medical care, for a child who is boarding at the school. Even a gift of $5 or $10 per month helps us in our efforts to consistently meet the needs of the children at the school. The gift of sponsorship is an investment in the future of a child who desperately needs someone to come alongside them and lighten their load in life.

Outreach to Africa relies on our partners to support us in this work. When you support a child through our sponsorship program, you are a partner with us in raising a future leader of Uganda. Enrollment at our school has nearly doubled since last year, and with 310 students to educate, feed and care for, we need help to continue meeting the needs of these terrific kids. As part of the program your sponsored child will communicate with you at least twice per year. In addition, you will receive pictures and progress reports three times annually.

September truly is a month of new beginnings. Sponsor a child with Outreach to Africa, and you begin to change a life!

If you have any questions about the program, or you want to sponsor a child contact:

Outreach to Africa

PO Box 14486 Irvine,CA 92623

Telephone (949) 419-6288

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