Today is all about being thankful, so lets  talk turkey!

For all these things, we are thankful!

-God who has sewn together a mosaic of people, of all ages, with a variety of gifts and talents, who are filled with hope, and committed to making a difference.

-The brave and capable nurses and doctors who volunteer their time and skills to help those in need.

– The pastors, church workers, and mission trip participants, who come to Africa to serve in our projects and to share God’s love.

– The humanitarian outreach workers for choosing to use their vacation time, their talents, and resources to serve and support OTA.

– Outreach to Africa’s board of directors for their wisdom and input.

– “The Harvesters” group in the US for their dedicated work in support of this ministry.  Their work is never-ending, and deserves to be celebrated.

– Educational sponsors who invest their hard earned money to educate and care for children on the other side of the globe.

– Emirates Airline Foundation for providing travel for medical teams.

– Hope 4 Kids International for their on-going support of our school.

– Our friends and partners in Uganda who provide wonderful hospitality, accommodations, meals, and transport for our visitors.

– The incredible team at work in Uganda, John, our country director, Pastor Patrick, at Tree of Life Church, Maggie, Paul Devlin’s principal, all of our teachers, and medical clinic staff.

Each contribution is important, and it is with hearts of true thanksgiving that we take this opportunity to say WEBALE ! (THANK YOU!)

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