Please remember our P7 Paul Devlin Students as they spend Monday and Tuesday writing their PLE or Primary Leaving Examinations.  This is a 2 day long standardized test that all Ugandan P7 students must take in order to be promoted from primary to secondary school. The examinations cover English, Social Studies, Math, and Science.

The following excerpt from “The Guardian” (UK) website gives a bit of insight into how it all works;

Explainer: The education system in Uganda – Richard M Kavuma explains how the education system in Uganda works.

“At the end of primary seven, pupils sit their first major national exams – the primary leaving examinations (PLE). Presently PLE has four examinable subjects – English language, mathematics, science and social studies. The best possible mark pupils can achieve is a total of four (which means one point – a distinction – in each subject), while the worst is a total of 36 (nine points for each subject, which means a fail).

Students with between four and 12 points pass the PLE with a first grade, or division one.  Those with scores between 13 and 23 get a second grade; 24 to 29 get a third grade, while those with 30 to 34 pass with a fourth grade.” (Kavuma, 2010)

Our Paul Devlin P7 students have been studying and preparing for these examinations for many months.  We wish them the best and celebrate their hard work and commitment to their education.

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