“He rules the world with truth and grace,
And makes the nations prove
The glories of His righteousness,
And wonders of His love,
And wonders of His love,
And wonders, wonders, of His love.”

It is December 10th, Christmas will soon be here. As we prepare for the celebration of Jesus’ birth, the spirit of this holy season is often lost in the mix of shopping, rushing, family friction, and unrealistic expectations. There is just so much focus on the decorations, gifts, meals, and all the “I wants”, that we forget about the true reason for the celebrations.

In Uganda, families celebrate Christmas by attending church like we do, but church services are MUCH longer. Those who can, buy gifts, but poor families just cannot afford to buy any gifts, so instead Christmas is one of the few, or the only time, they buy meat all year.  Also, they may treat their children to a bottle of Coca Cola or Fanta.

The Christmas season has a way of uniting us, no matter where we live in the world. – “Peace on earth, goodwill toward men”. However, no matter where we live, this can be a difficult time of year for many. Some may be struggling with a sense of loss and missing a loved one who has died, others are caring for someone who is sick. It is easy to feel overwhelmed, ill-equipped to cope.   Studies indicate there is an epidemic of loneliness in the world. The media dictates the “must have” gifts and other ingredients needed that make for a perfect Christmas. But, we forget that perfection is unrealistic, and trying to please everyone is too.

SometImes a little grace and perspective can help. Christmas is a wonderful time for us to count our blessings, let go of bitterness, try to forgive, and remember it is about the spirit of giving, NOT getting.

For those who are coping with loss, serious illness, financial hardships, and feelings of isolation, this time of year can add to their stress. By applying grace and understanding, and reminding others we do love and support them, we share the best Christmas gift “The wonders of His love”.

Over the next 2 weeks may truth and grace be with you, as you prepare to celebrate Christmas.

Let heaven and nature sing!

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