OTA and Paul Devlin School are committed to providing quality education to orphaned and vulnerable children.  In light of the difficult backgrounds and circumstances of many of these children there must also be a focus on restoring and rebuilding lives. Teachers and staff ensure that in addition to their studies, there is a focus on the health, social, and spiritual care of the kids OTA serves.

James attends Paul Devlin Academy and is in Primary 5 class. Sadly, he is an orphan, both his mother and father died of AIDS.  James has a brother who is also studying at PDA.  He also has 3 sisters, who are living with different families, and struggle a lot.

James stays with his grandfather’s brother, he calls him grandpa.  James’ grandpa owns some cows, and during school breaks and holidays James and his brother help their grandfather to take the cows to graze, they also help with the cooking.  James and his brother are grateful to have their grandpa because he does what he can to look after them, and he cares about their futures.  James says he also has some aunties, who do not care about him or his brother and sisters.  James knows his grandpa is a very old man to be raising young children.

Young James says he feels very glad to be at the school.  His teachers treat him with love and care, and he is getting a good education.

Message of thanks from James;

“OTA is doing a very great work to look after poor orphans like me.  After my studies I wish to become a doctor to help my family live a healthy life. Sometimes we fail to get what we need, but God is good, so we survive.”

In an effort to respect and protect the privacy of the students, we will not be posting their photos on the blog along with individual stories.  Sponsors WILL receive photos of the children they support.


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