Visitors with the kids at PDAIn the first days of our journey to Uganda, we were staying in Kampala. When we told everyone we meet, that we were going to Fort Portal, the respond was the same, “It’s so green and beautiful in Fort Portal and also a bit colder”. So the expectations were high from the start. Well, when we reached Fort Portal, we understood what our friends were telling us back in Kampala. They were right, it is green and it is so beautiful. About the temperature, well, we’re from Denmark (north Europe) so to explain the temperature as cold, were for us maybe a bit dramatic. Fort Portal is a “must see” in Uganda, and the nature is a blessing.Visitor from Dan with John

A part of our trip to Fort Portal is to visit and learn from the Paul Devlin Academy (nursery – and primary school). There is a thing that you will notice when you’re going to Uganda, – everybody is open and friendly minded, and the school is absolutely no exception.

It is a great school, and all the teachers and students as well, are doing a very good job. They are all working together, and this is a good foundation to be a good school. “Quality, education and care” is the motto of the school and that is also that spirit you meet in the classroom every day.

We believe that the quality of the hard work they are doing at the school will give the students a better future with education and understanding for each other, it is a pleasure to be a part of, and learn from. To see so much discipline and “willing to learn”, is not a thing we are used to see back home in Denmark, and definitely something we’ll take with us. In the two weeks we have been at the school, we enjoyed answering questions from both teachers and students, about us and our culture. We hadn’t expected that everyone around us were that interested in us, like we were in them, but to our surprise, that is how it is, and we are enjoying every minute of it.

visitors from dan

We still have a week, or more, left at the school and we are looking forward to what it will bring us. So far it has been amazing to be at the Paul Devlin Academy, and a blessing to meet all the great students and the qualified teachers. When our time is over at this place we’re going to miss them all, but for us it’s not a “goodbye” but a warm and friendly “see you”.

Lasse and Louise

visitors in the classroom pda

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