Ever since my first trip to Uganda in 1996, I have been impressed with the strength of her people.   They have a strong spirit of survival, and a deep love for God.

I first met Winnie at Tree of Life Church.  Here was this very pregnant, joyous, worship leader singing her heart out. I remember thinking, “wow, if I were that pregnant, I wouldn’t even move, much less sing songs with such joy and fervour for God”. Later, the handsome young Pastor Patrick introduced this energetic lady as his wife Winnie.  Patrick explained that soon Winnie would give birth to their first child.  It was then that he asked, “Would you (me – Kathi) like to name our first child?”  What an honor for me! 

Baby KathiSoon after Winnie delivered a lovely healthy little girl.  When I thought about the first time I met her spunky Mom, I felt she should have a spunky name.  “Why not Kathi?”  I asked them, and they agreed.  So I am blessed to have a surrogate Godchild named after me. 

When Patrick, her father, was involved in a motorcycle accident last week and subsequently died, little Kathi’s family was changed forever. Patrick was a prayer warrior.  He would fast and pray for Evie and Outreach to Africa and for the church to grow. This young father was a shining star and very well loved, so much so, that over 1000 people attended his wake/funeral this week. 

Patrick's Funeral 2


We ask that you continue to keep Winnie and little Kathi in your prayers as they grieve Patrick’s death and go forward with their lives.


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