For the last several months Evie has been struggling to get Outreach to Africa’s work done without the benefit of a reliable vehicle, an impossibile task in a rugged place like Uganda.

If you have been involved with OTA over the past several years, then you have likely driven from Kampala to Fort Portal and Rwebisengo in, or following behind, OTA’s trusty Toyota Land-cruiser.

After countless kilometers of trekking so many of us all around rural Uganda, usually with its roof overflowing with luggage, Evie’s vehicle has DIED.

In order to continue to effectively do this important work in beautiful, rugged, pothole filled Uganda, Evie MUST have a dependable car.

Please, if you can help in any way, do consider donating towards the purchase of a new vehicle for OTA. As the first in a list of several sustainable projects, the hope is to purchase a vehicle that can carry at least 8 passengers. This would enable OTA to provide transport to visiting teams, and therefore eliminate the need to outsource transportation requirements when groups come to Uganda to volunteer and serve. The costs of transportation would be spent “in-house”, and in turn would help to sustain and support OTA and its projects.


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