1)  Uganda is the same size as Oregon State
(Uganda population 35,873,253 – Oregon population 3,871,859).

2) Uganda has the worlds best bananas, pineapples, mangoes, and avocados.

3) For most Ugandans, their favorite meal is Matooke, a plantain type banana cooked in banana leaves.

4) Soccer is the most popular sport in Uganda.

5) If you need to use the restroom in Uganda you say “I need to make a short call”.

6) There are 1061 species of birds in Uganda.

7) Uganda is home to the endangered mountain gorillas, which are almost extinct.  There are only 750 left in the world, and they can only be found between Bwindi National Park in Uganda, Parc de volcanoes National park in Rwanda, and Virunga in Congo.

8) Uganda’s people are known around the word for their warmth and hospitality.

9) Uganda’s famous motorcycle taxis were dubbed boda-bodas, as they were used to transport people across the “no-mans-land” between the Kenya/Ugandan border posts. (border – border)

10) Kampala, Uganda’s capital, is a city where you can enjoy an excellent cappuccino or latte, find some of world’s best Chinese and Indian food, or try some traditional Ugandan luwombo.  You can also try a street vendor meal, like a Rolex( an omlete rolled in a cappati), Roasted Cassava, or Suya (meat on a stick).

11) Uganda’s climate is tropical and there are two dry seasons Dec – Feb and June – August.  The average temperature is 28 degrees Celsius.

12) 10 million Ugandans, a third of the population, have cell phones.

13) When Ugandans build a mud house the women do most of the work, the men only build the roof. 

14) A favorite treat in Uganda is pan fried grasshoppers.

15) The Daily Monitor is an english language newspaper, it is the one to read for unbiased reporting of news, politics, and other events.  New Vision, which is also written in english, is a government owned newspaper.



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